Caribbean Desert (Aruba)

Bon Bini to Aruba – One Happy Island

Aruba is known as the One Happy Island.  This 70 square mile island inhabits locals with nearly 100 different nationalities.  This is represented in the food fusion cuisines and the welcoming warmth of each face you meet. Aruba is outside the hurricane belt and has more sunny days than any other Caribbean island – the definition of paradies weather.  Aruba is known for its sustainability efforts resulting is the safest and cleanest drinking water. Just bring your reusable water bottles and fill up from any tap source you find!

Best Time to Visit: Year round. Aruba has the most sunny days of any Caribbean island. High season is December to April, but most accommodation are at high capacity during hurricane season since it’s outside the hurricane belt.

Language Spoken: English is spoken but it’s native languages are Papiamento, Dutch, and Spanish

5 Top Things to Do & See:

  • Drive your 4x4 for a soak in the tranquil waters of Conchi – the Natural Pool
  • Grab your snorkeling gear and explore the clear tourquoise waters of vibrant reefs and ship wrecks
  • Visit Port Royal, the Take in 360 views after hiking to the peak of the Casibari Rock Formation
  • Climb to the top of the California Lighthouse to view the western coastline of beaches
  • Take a bet and try you chance at one of the many tax-free casinso

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