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It happens more often than not, when you find yourself visiting a doctor onboard a cruise ship due to a sprained ankle or when you’re at the resort’s nurse facility because of a broken finger. Travel Insurance is not a gimmick. Most U.S. based medical insurance carriers DO NOT provide medical coverage once you’re outside of U.S. territory. Therefore, travel insurance policies prevent travelers from incurring costly medical experience or protect against the potential of denied medical services.

Purchase a Policy

Don’t leave your travel investment to chance. It’s never fun to wish you would have, when you’re in the middle of an emergency.

It’s Simple

  1. Select the state you live in

    • If your travel companions live in a separate state, please create a separate policy for those individuals.

  2. Enter your departure and return date.

    • Departure Date Tip: If your cruise or flight to your destination is 1/15, but you plan to drive down to the port or airport on 1/13, please list 1/13 as your departure date.

  3. Enter your Total Trip Cost.

    • Don’t forget to include the cost of any non-refundable travel expenses, such as travel agency fees and independent travel cost you secure on your own, not limited to airfare, rental cars, etc that you purchase outside of our agency.

  4. Enter Initial Deposit Date

    • If you purchased your airfare prior to your accommodations, the Initial Deposit Date should be the date of your airfare purchase.

  5. Enter the age or date of birth of each person that will be covered under this policy.

    • I recommend inputing the Date of Birth as the policy amount is determined on the age when travel will occur. To ensure you are covered adequately, use the date of birth.

  6. Click Get Quote

    • We recommend the Allianz Premier Plan. However, you’ll have the opportunity to review each plan, its benefit allowances, and determine the best insurance plan for your needs.

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