“I Don’t Have a Budget!”

What’s this experience worth to you?  This is a common question I ask during our complimentary consultation.  To me it’s a simple question which is direct and clear.  However, I’ve witnessed it also creates much anxiety for many people who’s either wealthy and on a budget.  There’s an immediate reaction to lead with “I don’t have a budget!”  It’s often said with pride and conviction, as if it speaks confidence and mystery.  Yet, I’m convinced it’s stimulated from a deeper issue not dared to be expressed verbally – the topic of self-worth. 

Before you get offended and abandon this conversation, indulge (hear) me a bit.  Self-worth, defined by Merriam-Webster, means “a sense of one’s own value as a human being: self-esteem.”  

In planning a personal vacation, it requires you to clearly articulate your desires and needs in order for YOUR vision to be realized.  Try it now.  Ask yourself, “Where do I want to go on my next vacation and why?”  Now answer, “how much is this experience worth to me?”

Do you have a number yet?  Or are you telling yourself it’s impossible to know how much it’s worth if you’ve never been or done your research?

I experience this all the time.  People think the value is in the trip; whereas, the value should be determined by what you’re willing to invest in gaining new experiences from the trip.  

Let’s look at it from the perspective of food.  Most people can confidently admit a McDonald’s Big Mac meal for one person is not worth $20 USD.  If someone asked you how much you’re willing to pay for this fast food meal, you’re most likely able to come up with a number.  Even for a specialty, vegan burger meal, most would assume it’s more than a Big Mac, yet also have a maximum they are willing to spend on such a meal. 

Why isn’t it just as easy to determine the value of personal experiences to you?  I believe it’s because many people don’t believe anything is possible and achievable just by making a decision and choosing it as so.  

Dreams are all too often deferred by putting the needs of our family, friends, jobs, and others in front of our own. The reasons are too complex to outline here why we make those choices, but at its core, I believe it’s a lack of self-worth that drives this decision. 

When we make a decision, something is worth achieving, we stop at nothing to get it accomplished.  Think back at the last time you accomplished a goal.  Why did you push to achieve it?  Why did you decide it was worth having? 

I’ve witnessed people work overtime to buy a new car or to afford a home.  They knew the value of that car and house and what it took to achieve it.  It’s often simpler to assign value to external objects – many times because the market has conditioned us to know its perceived value.  There’s little thought that goes into it. Either someone is telling us what it’s worth or we’re gauging past trends. 

However, the only person who can tell you what your own experiences are worth to you is yourself!  As a unique individual, your needs and desires are uniquely designed for you and you alone. Although you may choose to share experiences with others, their perspective shouldn’t outweigh your own self-worth and values.  The issue is society has positioned this type of thinking as selfishness, whereas it’s the most beautiful expression of self-love.  

Knowing how to articulate what experiences, things, and moments are worth to oneself is the basis of being self-actualized and free.  Being able to assign a dollar value does not always mean you’re in possession of that money at the given time, yet fear or lack of belief does not prevent you from acknowledging it’s worth to yourself.  Nothing can be achieved  until you make it plain and write it down. 

Have I busted your brain yet? LOL, I hope not.  I don’t “go deep” for the sake of sounding intelligent or just to have an opinion, I’m truly intrigued by the psychology associated with setting a dollar value or not to anything in life. 

I used to be timid in this area, and I still struggle at times. Not because I don’t know my value, but because I consider others too often and what they could afford vs communicating my value on its own.  So this piece is also a reminder to myself as well.  

So be brave and know you’re worth it!  For some, it’s about owning your worth and letting go of your own considerations and fears.  Others, it’s about setting a goal and devising a plan to achieve it.  Just know your dreams can become a reality if you choose it to be!

At NuVibe Travel, we strive to help you seek your bucket list travel goals. 

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