Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have questions on what to expect from hiring NuVibe Travel Experiences?
We invite you to read some of our most frequently asked questions

Virtuoso is the largest luxury consortia in the world, it’s made up of top industry travel advisors that have banded together to have more purchasing power in order to offer high-end exclusive amenities to clients.

We understand there are a great deal of opportunities for you to book your own travel, however there is no better deal than having a luxury travel designer customize your dream vacation. We have built strong relationships with worldwide travel partners to ensure we are providing you with a quality, safe experience that you will enjoy with ease.  Many of our preferred travel partners only work with travel advisors and not with the direct consumer.  

Working with NuVibe Travel Experiences, as your travel advocate provides you access to travel experiences and exclusive amenities only offered to via a connected travel professional.  We’re even here during your travels, in case you need us.

It’s an experience like no other, we treat our clients like family and only recommend the best for them. Our goal is to build personal relationships and provide exceptional service, so that we can learn to anticipate your travel needs.  We believe that traveling is one of life’s best enriching experiences. We focus on designing experiences that have you returning home with NuPerspectives, NuMemories, NuExperiences. We are your travel advocates and your interests are our top priority.  You will feel respected, we will listen to your needs, and we will do what’s best for you in all circumstances.

Yes, made just for you. It can be as standard or as complex as you wish, we work with travel partners all over the world that can make any wish come true.  The only limitation is that of your time and budget.

Any international (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands) your heart desires, with a primary focus on destination weddings, honeymoons, soft adventure, and groups.  Please note: most experiences will start at $1,500 per person for a 3 night minimum vacation.

At this time, we do not plan experiences within the United States, except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands). If this is something you desire, I am more than happy to refer you to a trusted colleague who specializes in domestic travel.

The recognition and benefits of a group will vary based upon a travel partner’s criteria. Some allow group benefits to start as small as 5 rooms, but more larger resorts and cruise lines recognize a group as 10 or more rooms.  

NuVibe Travel will recognize a group starting at 3 rooms or 6 people not from the same household.  We specialize in small group experiences and many of our boutique and luxury travel partners cap their itineraries at 15 to 18 people.

We only work with travel partners that have a proven record of success, they are licensed and bonded, affiliated with all necessary tourism board, we have either have a direct or referred relationship – all to ensure our clients are receiving safe and quality service.  We also offer travel protection with each and every travel package to ensure you’re covered in instances of emergency that are beyond anyone’s control. 

NuVibe Travel Experiences also carries an Error and Omission policy to protect ourselves and our clients, in instances accidental mistakes or oversights are made on our behalf.

Every itinerary is personally designed to your unique preferences, please allow up to 7-10 days to receive your custom itinerary (if we’re able to deliver faster, we will).

For last-minute inquiries (within 30 days of travel), schedule a consultation so we can determine whether we can fulfill this request, while still keeping with our standard of recommending a quality travel experience and providing top-notch service. If we can, you’ll be charged an additional RUSH fee of $100. 

Exceptions apply: For every additional 24 hours it takes to confirm important information (including dates, accommodations, or activity decisions), this will result in a corresponding 24-hour delay in receiving any confirmations.

This is a great question, because we understand that it’s not easy to find a simple answer to this question.  Simple answer – travel advisors are paid for our time by charging a professional fee to our clients and a referral commission from travel partners to book our clients on their products.

Our service packages start at $300 and can go up in price dependent upon complexity of trip, the amount of people traveling, length of stay, etc. Visit our Services page for more details.

All professional fees must be paid prior to starting any travel planning services or providing a proposal.  For your travel experience, payment terms are decided by our travel partners. 

Typically, you can expect to pay an upfront deposit (amount dependent on the supplier and their promotions at the time of booking).  If travel is booked within 60 days or less of travel, you can expect full payment due at the time of booking. If you know you’d need adequate time to make installments toward your vacation, please plan your travel a minimum of 1 year prior to departure.

We charge fees, so that we do not need to charge an additional markup to the cost of your trip.  We want you to know and understand the value of planning your travel experience with a professional travel designer.  Our itineraries are often the same price as booking direct and can often be lower. If for some reason our package price is higher, when you compare exact apples to apples, there is a reason and our travel partners have good reason for it.  If you trust us, you can trust we are recommending this partner for a reason that benefits you!  

Below are instances where additional fees may be passed onto you:

  1. Purchase of international airfare is $50 per person.
  2. Non-commissionable travel component fees will vary based on terms of travel partner.
  3. Credit card processing fees incurred by our payment merchant or travel partner(s).
  4. Rush fee of $100 for last minute travel plans.
  5. Mailing physical travel documents is $25.
  6. Complete itinerary change after accepting proposal will incur $200.
  7. Cancellation and change fees will be determined per itinerary.  These fees will be charged in addition to the supplier cancellation or change terms.


There are several reasons and since we believe in transparency, let us share a few scenarios with you.  

Many hours are spent planning and collaborating with our travel partners to ensure no detail is left to chance when planning your travel experience.  We also make ourselves available to your when you’re traveling, and that often could mean accessing us during off-hours when you’re traveling internationally.

If we book a non-commissionable travel component to fully customize your itinerary, a service fee will be added to your package cost (ex: booking airfare, private land activities, spa or dinner reservations).  Our fees can be higher than the “starting at” price on our site for complex and/or travel experience exceeding 7 days.  

As your travel advocate, we focus our itinerary planning and recommendations with travel partners that best suit your travel preferences and desires without considering who pays the highest commission for referring their product.  This allows us to remain unbiased as we operate a profitable business model.

Not so fun fact: A travel advisor is not able to sustain without charging professional and service fees and, more often than not, their service to you will be compromised because they will need to work another job for a livable income.  Why? Our travel partners typically pay us 30 to 60 days post your travel.  Just think about it, if travel advisors were to depend 100% on referral commissions from our travel partners, we would go without income anytime from 2 months to 2 years from the day you book your travel experience. Just as we celebrate your ability to plan your dream vacations because you have the required discretionary income.  We believe we also deserve the ability to generate income to sustain our desired lifestyle for the comfort of our family.

Yes – we do not earn commission when you cancel your travel plans. You can expect a fee from both our agency and our travel partner.  The cancellation or change fee amount will vary based on the policies of our travel partners and trip type.  All cancellation and change fees will be outlined in your final proposal. This can range from the initial deposit being non-refundable or the full payment.

We will offer travel insurance for all packages and the cancellation fee can be covered, if cancellation occurs a covered reason.

Yes, we sure do! We get excited when travel is considered as a gift for someone special to you.  

Have confidence knowing the recipient of this wonderful gift will receive the same personalized service as all of our clients. Gifts will be received immediately via email in the form of an electronic gift card. 

Gifts can be used towards our package fees and trip cost. The recipient will be responsible for all remaining costs not covered by the gift they receive from you. 

Please note: gifts are given in the form of gift certificates ranging in price of ($50, $100, $150, $200, $250, $500, $1000).  Thank you for the opportunity to service your friends and loved ones. We look forward to working with them.

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