Feeling Overwhelmed By Planning Your Destination Wedding in Mexico or Your Caribbean Vow Renewal?

Your Vision + My Expertise = YOUR Perfect Island Destination Wedding Package

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, stop, breathe, and Schedule your Complimentary Consultation NOW!

The myth of wedding planning is that you should expect it to be stressful.

This is only the opinion of couples who take on the planning as a DIY project.  Don’t make that mistake.

The months between saying “Yes” and “I Do” should be enjoyable and stress-free.

Why NuVibe Travel Experiences?

It’s simple… I get you! I was the hard-working corporate professional with too much on my plate.  I also didn’t want this day to be all about me, so my fiancé (now husband) and I set out on a mission to plan OUR DAY, OUR WAY!  We had no clue where to start 🤯.  We spent hours obsessing over the location of the wedding venue, watching EVERY bridal show on tv, attending weekend bridal shows, and calling and emailing florists, caterers, videographers… you name it!

After months of overwhelm and frustration, we settled on a local chapel with an on-site wedding planner.  And OMG, was she a lifesaver. Once she took over all the planning details, guest logistics, and worry off our hands, then and only then did we start to enjoy our engagement.

As your Island Destination Wedding Planner, I will take away the overwhelm, simplify your planning, and be your unbiased resource to keep you organized and stress-free.

This is our desire for you… to Let Go, Trust, and Enjoy YOUR dream Island Destination Wedding! 🥰

5 Value-Added Benefits of Partnering with Us

1. Dedicated Destination Wedding Concierge – From planning to post travel, you and your guests will only speak with me. I am your advocate. I’m here to help you identify the best wedding package, simplify wedding and room contract terms, and create a planning timeline.

2. Personalized Destination and Resort Curation – You will regain your time by trusting me to present carefully curated options for your wedding day. I will carefully select, organize, and present you with up to 5 options based on your wedding vision and budget requirements.

3. Expert Negotiator – Your wedding group will get the best room rates for the value. I’ve partnered with niche suppliers who specialize in destination weddings and groups. This partnership allows me to offer premium benefits for your and your guests and that translates into money savings.*

4. Group Management – Whether you’re eloping or inviting 200 guests to your wedding, my agency will answer all questions, manage each reservation, and process payments. This helps you reclaim your time to focus on the more important details.

5. Beautiful Wedding Website – Included in your package will be a beautifully designed website where you can present your story and I will provide the travel details. All the information you and your guests need will be easily accessible 24/7 online.

*Eligibility requirements will apply

In the spirit of the Jamaican people, “No Worries Mon!”

Here’s A Quick Walkthrough…

Step 1 - The First Fitting

You’ll schedule a complimentary consultation – this session will be conducted via video chat. During this time, we will discuss your vision, proposed date, and guest details to ensure we have key details to coordinate your special day. After our fitting appointment and before we move forward, we’ll decide if we’re a match made in heaven?

Step 2 – The ‘I Do’

We will send you 1 to 3 itineraries for you to review. This is when you decide on the destination and resort of your big day. We’ll discuss any necessary alternation, to make sure the fit is truly one designed just for you. When your nerves are settled and you’re confident it’s just right for you, let’s say “I do”, to the itinerary of course!

Step 3 – Toss the Bouquet

Let’s carve it into ice – during this time we will reserve your big day. You can now relax and allow all your anxieties to melts away.  We hope by now you trust us to leave no detail to chance and know we have you covered in every way. It’s time for you to focus on what matters most, each other.  We will still be in contact with you during this time, but if you miss us, just reach out and we’re be right here.

Step 4 – The Send Off

Off you go to embark on the greatest adventure of all – a lifelong journey together.  As you travel to meet your closet family and friends, as they bear witness to your vow of unwavering love for each other, know we are still working behind the scenes to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.  If you need us, call us! If you want to include us in the fun, we’d love to see a pic. Enjoy each other during your honeymoon and make amazing forever memories.

Let's create the Destination Wedding of your dreams!

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